Each year, VBC partners with both local and global efforts to make a difference in the lives of kids. A big part of Hero U is helping those around us – and we can begin right now!

Kids Serving Kids: Local

Join the Resurrection Beds Ministry and refugee family aid 

Collections will be shared with partner school and local non-profits which provide new mattresses, bed frames, linens and pajamas to children and families.

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May-June Collections

Drop off now at any Resurrection location

VBC Week Collections

July 18-21

All pajamas are welcome but listed below are the greatest needs: 

  • Boys sizes 6-7, 10, 12
  • Girls sizes 10, 12

Kids Serving Kids: Local

Partnering with the MUMC (Malawi United Methodist Church), funds will be collected to install solar powered electricity to rural households, some of which have never had electric lighting. The focus is children living in homes without lighting or electricity, as this affects their education and ability complete assignments and study.

Donate Online

Donate VBC Week

Kids will bring in donations each day of VBC, July 18-21