It's OK to have questions about faith.


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Skating and Feeling Steady

I went to the elementary school skating party Tuesday night with my son. I did not know that nothing has changed on the interior design of those places since the 90’s when I, myself, was in school. A rare historical landmark to be treasured.

Self - Compassion

Over the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that your motivation and energy have diminished, or that it has been harder to find moments of safe community connection. One reason for this may be related to a dwindling sense of self-compassion - the ability that we have to turn understanding, acceptance and love inward in order to feel safe and at the top of our game (Deb Dana). 

Squirrel Feeder

My bird feeder has been out a few weeks now. When the bird feed level falls a little each day, I am filled with satisfaction, imagining finches, cardinals, and wrens coming to my yard for a delicious snack. Until my next door neighbor informs me that nothing but squirrels eat from my bird feeder and he suggests I name it a “Squirrel Feeder” instead.